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Gary B. flom is an innovator at heart, due to which he always explores new possibilities in the field of the automotive industry.

Gary B. Flom

He is a firm believer in ‘’Do Good Have Good’’ mantra and never misses an opportunity to spread happiness amongst people.

Gary B. Flom

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Gary B. Flom is a legendary entrepreneur, innovator, and EV/FCEV Ecosystem Expert with an experience of over 25 years in the automotive retail industry. He has been to senior executive roles in one of the most prestigious international brands. Gary has done everything from serving as the President & CEO of Ford Motor’s flagship Mobility & Innovation Center in the U.S. to being the Managing Partner of the leading Automotive & Fleet Management solutions.

Gary B. flom was born in Brooklyn and got into United States Marine Corps in 1983, where he achieved the prestigious Navy Achievement Medal. He graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland during his service in the Marines.

Career and Experience

In 1998, Flom took charge of Manhattan Ford, Lincoln Mercury Inc. He put his innovation on display by overhauling the company’s working mechanism, which yielded high customer satisfaction.

When he joined, the company was amongst the bottom 10 percent of the competitive group. Due to his policies, it reached the “Top 10” percent in 2000. In the next 8 years, total sales revenue increased 227%, breaking all the previous records.

In 2017, Gary flom became the Managing Partner of IMAA Advanced Management Solutions. He used all his expertise in providing advanced and result-oriented management solutions to the local and international commercial fleets. Gary Flom oversees all the areas of operations ranging from marketing to distribution and has produced remarkable results in a short time.

He is currently serving as the CEO of the National Transportation Solutions Advanced Mobility Company in KSA. With the extensive experience under his belt, Gary is best suited to change the landscape of KSA’s automotive industry. You can understand the futuristic vision of the man by reading his own words:

“Mobility is at the crossroads of an exciting, revolutionary phase. There is a new, modern approach and higher focus on the total cost of ownership, the adaptation of advanced fleet management technology as well as the emergence of sustainably-minded alternative, all of which signals exciting possibilities for the future of logistics and will drive its light-speed growth in keeping with the Vision 2030 objectives.’’

Gary B. flom is an innovator at heart, due to which he always explores new possibilities in the field of the automotive industry. He has a proven record of introducing revolutionary practices in operations that tremendously elevate the companies’ revenues. With expertise in various aspects of the automotive retail industry ranging from operations and acquisitions to financial management and customer relationship, Gary Flom is an ideal leader.


Chief Executive Officer at NTSC Corporation

Currently Gary B. Flom is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Transportation Solutions and Advanced Mobility Company founded in June of 2021, a leading automotive services, multi-modal mobility, and technology company in the MENA Region. Flom was tasked to create this business and reach profitability during the launch year. In the span of only 90 days Gary established a transformative, first-of-its-kind, true end-to-end Fleet Management & Leasing Company with a clear vision and a vector for large scale sustainable mobility which will, in keeping with the Vision 2030, reshape logistics, transportation and public sector industries in KSA and MENA Region from the perspective of industrial diversification, progressive environmental responsibility and embetterment of our planet.



With an objective of giving back to society, Gary B. Flom also actively participates in philanthropic activities. He has supported several charitable organizations over the years, including City Harvest, Camp Brooklyn, God’s Love We Deliver, and Partnership for the Homeless. He is a firm believer in ‘’Do Good Have Good’’ mantra and never misses an opportunity to spread happiness amongst people.


This avant-garde collaboration will bring the cutting edge Autonomous Driving technology to the GCC and Middle East and will enable implementation of AV in numerous Regional Mega and Giga projects as well as advanced logistics Fleets.

Gary Flom wins the 2021 Gold Business Award for the best start-up

National Transportation Solutions Company
gary b. flom

Awards and Achievements

Gary B. flom has been bestowed with many awards over the course of his illustrious career due to his exceptional services. These include multiple Ford Motor Company’s President’s Awards and ‘’100 Leaders’’ awards. He also served on the U.S. National Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council and the Advisory Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Opera.

GARY B. FLOM Achievements

Over the course of his 25+ year career, Flom has a distinguished track record as an executive operator working with luxury and sport brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche.

Flom lead the Manhattan Automobile Company (MAC) for sixteen years with great success and established a movement in redefining the way automotive brands renovated their showrooms in New York City’s auto district.

At the end of 1998, Flom took over Manhattan Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Inc. where he quickly overhauled the company’s practices, which led to an increase in the overall customer satisfaction, which was nearly at the bottom 10 percent of the competitive group when he started.

As a seasoned veteran in the automotive industry, Flom has been nominated by the Ford Motor Company for the Making a Difference Award and Salute to Dealers Award, was twice the recipient of Ford Motor Company’s most prestigious President’s Award and is also a four time recipient of Ford’s 100 Leaders Award.

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