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June 16, 2020 0 Comments

GARY B. FLOM President & CEO, Board Member, Sustainable Mobility, EV & FCEV Ecosystem Expert

Gary B. Flom is an influential, successful leader with inexhaustible drive and unquenchable thirst to succeed having served in senior executive roles (including President & CEO, MD) with two decades of international automotive, transportation, and sustainable mobility experience in U.S, Europe, GCC & Middle East. A decorated U.S Marine and philanthropist, Board member and relentless passionate innovator. Expert at technology implementation and applied empirical solutions to achieve profitable results. Avant-garde advocate, backer and enabler of early EV and ULEV mobility transformation for large private and government fleets in U.S. and the MENA Region. Authority at transitioning fleets to sustainable platforms utilizing EV and FCEV technology with intelligent management, specialized financing for “green” projects and asset management.

Gary B. Flom is the recipient of numerous industry awards including multiple Ford Motor Company’s prestigious President’s Awards and a four-time recipient of 100 Leaders Awards. He was also bestowed the honor of being selected to serve on the U.S. National Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council and on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Opera.

Currently Gary B. Flom is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Transportation Solutions and Advanced Mobility Company founded in June of 2021 , a leading automotive services, multi-modal mobility, and technology company in the MENA Region. Flom was tasked to create this business and reach profitability during the launch year. In the span of only 90 days Gary established a transformative, first-of-its-kind, true end-to-end Fleet Management & Leasing Company with a clear vision and a vector for large scale sustainable mobility which will, in keeping with the Vision 2030, reshape logistics, transportation and public sector industries in KSA and MENA Region from the perspective of industrial diversification, progressive environmental responsibility and embetterment of our planet.

In previous years, Flom served as the President & CEO of Ford Motor Company’s flagship Mobility & Innovation Center in United States. During his 16-year tenure Gary became the first experimental EV distributor in U.S., testing early adaptation with various governmental fleets. Successfully negotiated complex regulatory requirements and OEM manufacturing challenges to implement utilization of early Electric and Hybrid Vehicles for high-intensity government, emergency services and large private FHV fleets which transformed the national mobility landscape and brought the environmental sustainability to the forefront of critical decision in fleet management and mobility and increased the revenue to $1B+.

Prior to the above-mentioned assignments Gary served as the President of one of the fastest growing top automotive groups in the New York Metro area with revenue exceeding $500M and portfolio of luxury and mid-range brands that included Jaguar Land Rover, Maserati, Infiniti, Ford, Nissan and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Under his leadership the group was consistently recognized as the national sales and customer satisfaction leader in the United States.

Gary B. Flom grew up in Brooklyn and served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps where he was recognized through two meritorious promotion and an award of the Navy Achievement Medal, the highest peacetime decoration. While serving in the Marines, he graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business Management.

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